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Cardiac Catheterization | Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention | Embolic Protection | Atherectomy | Rotablation for Calcified Lesions | All forms of Complex Angioplasty | All forms of Coronary Angioplasty Stent Implantation | Emergency and Rescue Procedures: Hypothermia/Intra-Aortic...

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To detect or treat some heart diseases, such as blocked arteries or irregular heartbeats, a thin, pliable tube (catheter) is pushed through a coronary artery to the heart during a cardiac catheterization procedure.

Primary Percutaneous
Coronary Intervention

It is a non-surgical technique that involves inserting a tiny stent to widen blood channels in the artery that have been restricted by plaque development, a disorder known as atherosclerosis, using a catheter (a thin, flexible tube).

Embolic Protection

During stenting, embolic protection devices (EPDs) capture blood and luminal particles inside the SVG, preventing distal embolization. The most effective evidence-based method for periprocedural MI and major negative cardiovascular events (MACE) reduction during SVG treatments is to use EPDs.


Plaque is removed from a blood vessel using an atherectomy, a technique that involves a catheter with a razor blade attached to the end. Under local anaesthetic, the catheter is introduced into the heart through a tiny puncture in the artery

Rotablation for Calcified

Rotational atherectomy has an initial operational advantage with modified balloons that cut or score the lesion, but produces equal clinical outcomes over time, in the preparation of heavily calcified coronary lesions for narcotic stents.

All forms of Complex

Involves sophisticated techniques for opening and expanding clogged coronary arteries. It is used to treat angina (chest pain) and stop health problems in process while also restoring blood flow to the coronary arteries.

All forms of Coronary

Coronary angioplasty, also known as PCI or PTCA, is a minimally invasive surgery that improves the blood supply to the heart muscle by enlarging and opening the restricted coronary arteries. It is used to treat cardiovascular disease (blocked coronary arteries).

Stent Implantation

A stent is a little tube that serves as a scaffold to support the coronary artery inside the body. They began as stainless steel stents and have now developed into cobalt chromium or platinum chromium stents that are thinner. Highly calcified lesions are debulked using atherectomy tools.

Emergency and Rescue Procedures: Hypothermia/Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

The therapeutic device known as an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) is one of these. Your heart can pump more blood thanks to it. If your heart isn't responsible for pumping blood to your body, you might require it. A catheter is a small, flexible tube that makes up the IABP. A lengthy balloon is attached to the catheter's tip.


A pacemaker is a tiny device that is implanted in the chest to assist in heartbeat regulation. It serves as a safeguard against the heart beating too slowly. The placement of a pacemaker in the heart necessitates surgery. Another name for a pacemaker is a cardiac pacing device.

Patent Foramen Ovale Closure

After birth, the foramen ovale typically closes as the left side of the heart's blood pressure increases. The blood enters the lungs to receive oxygen after it is closed before entering the left ventricle of the heart and being pushed to the rest of the body.

IVUS, OCT and pressurewire study

While OCT offers a higher resolution of 10-20 m to evaluate endoluminal structures with a restricted tissue penetration, IVUS has a resolution of 100 m, a high tissue penetration, and the capacity to examine the whole anatomy of a coronary artery, along with the external elastic membrane.

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